DX-Pedition Video

Team 9J2LA is happy to announce the release of its DX-Pedition video on YouTube today.

We want to thank our club and individual sponsors as well as our supporters in Zambia for their generous support throughout every stage of this adventure. Further, we want to thank the Palm Zone Road Lodge Team for their great hospitality once again. Everyone involved made our life so much easier with their ongoing support. It is always great to have the DX community behind you!

9J2LA was active between 05.03. – 15.03.2020. The station was located in Chisamba, about 1h north of the capital Lusaka (Grid: KH44CX). The international team from Norway, Austria, Germany, and Sweden consisted out of Rune Egil Øye – LA7THA (Team Leader), Svein Bergstøl – LA3BO, Christian Quale – LA8OM, Svein Jarle Moe – LA9KKA, Morten Kvernmoen – LB8DC, Christian Wolfbauer – OE5CWO, Philipp Gröger – OE7PGI, Philipp Springer – DK6SP and Carl Jonsson – SM6CPY.

They worked 35.000 QSOs on the HF Bands and SSB + CW via QO-100 geostationary satellite.

All these QSOs have been verified by our QSL manager Charles (M0OXO) with his outstanding OQRS service. It is our pleasure having him on the team!

The team is already planning for their next trip and will keep you updated on their upcoming plans closer to the activity.

Enjoy watching their activity from Zambia, Africa.

Hope to see you down the log during our next DX adventure!

On behalf of team 9J2LA,
Rune Egil Øye – LA7THA