Rune Egil Øye – LA7THA – Team Leader  

Rune has operated as S9LA, Z2LA, 5B/LA7THA and 7P8LB.
He received his license in 1991. He enjoys DXing and particular 160m. He do participate in some of the major contests. His preferable mode is CW, but he do some SSB and Digi as well. He enjoys the technical part of the hobby, experimenting with RX antennas. He has buildt two tube amps, and are currently building a RF-kit solid state amplifier. Rune will be active in cw, ssb and digimode.

Christian Wolfbauer – OE5CWO  

Christian has been active from TF, F6 and 7P8LB.
His interests are: Antennas, DXing, contesting, ragchewing and more. Christian will be active in ssb and digimode.

Philipp Gröger – OE7PGI  

Phillipp’s interests are SSB, FT8 and a little RTTY, Low Bands and 6m TEP. In November 2015 he was QRV from PJ4. In october 2017 he was QRV for 2 weeks from several location in West France. Then in March 2018 his dream come true to be QRV from Africa. For 11 days he was QRV from Benin as TY7C. In March 2019 he was QRV from Lesoto as 7P8LB. Phillipp will be active in ssb and digimode.

Svein Bergstøl – LA3BO  

Svein is licensed since 1970. He is an active contester, mainly in CW. He enjoys SOTA activations. He has been active from Lesoto with the 7P8LB team.
Svein will be active in cw.

Svein Jarle Moe – LA9KKA  

Svein Jarle is the “Owner of all technical difficulties” – small or large. He is solving most of them – or at least trying too.
He is a IT consultant by trade, first licensed as LC3EAT in the mid 1990s.
Svein Jarle has participated in the S9LA, 3G0YM/3G0YP and 7P8LB DXpeditions. His interests include VHF/UHF, DV, digimodes and Emcomm activities.
Svein Jarle will take care of computers, networking, radio interfacing and related matters, and operate FT8.

Morten Kvernmoen – LB8DC

Morten grew up in Oslo, and moved when he was 10 years of age to a small village in the deep forests in the south-eastern part of Norway. He was first exposed to ham radio at the age of 15, and got his Novice license in 1986 (LB8DC), upgrading to Advanced in 1987 with the call LA9DFA. In December 2015, he took back the LB8DC callsign with full privileges.
He’s an avid contester and DXer. He’s participated in numerous contests over the years with a variety of calls. Since 2006 he is holding LA3C/LN3C (LI3C in 2014) and uses that primarily for contesting. His first DXpedition was to Svalbard in 1993 as JW9DFA. He’s returned twice since (2006 and 2011) and has enjoyed the pileups, despite the challenge of working HF through aurora. He’s operated as OJ0LA on Market Reef with the QLF DX Team and, in March 2016, as VK9CK on Cocos (Keeling) Island with the DipperDX Team. In November 2017 he was a part of the team, VK9MA activating Mellish Reef. Morten enjoys running large pileups in SSB and RTTY, but has a particular affection for CW pileups.

Chris Quale – LA8OM  

Chris was licenced in 1969 at age 16 and couldn’t wait to attended the CQWW CW and phone contests that same year, as well as ARRL DX a few months later. The contest bug had definitely bitten. Chris was QRT from 1981 until he got the itch and came back on air in 2001, with CW as favorite mode. Appeared as TO8M in CQWW 2015, and look forward again to be on the opposite end of pile-ups.

Philipp Springer – DK6SP  

Philipp was first licensed as novice in 2011 (DO6PS) and upgraded to the current license in 2013. Furthermore he is active as DQ5M. He is really interested in contests, DXPeditions and therefore running pileups. His favourite mode is CW as well as little SSB and Digimodes. Currently he is a dual student for logistics management in the 7th and last semester preparing for bachelors degree. Living in Erding, 30km north-east of Munich, in the southern part of Germany. He has been active from big contest stations like 9A1A, A44A or ES9C. Latest DXPeditions brought him active for example from P4, PJ2, PJ4, Z6, W8, GW and EI. He has also been a participant in WRTC 2018 and operated as Y82D.

Carl Jonsson – SM6CPY  

Calle was first licensed in 1961 as SM7CPY. He moved to SM6 in 1967 and became SM6CPY.
He do only work CW and for the time being mostly on 160m. He has a hugh interest for antennas.
Calle has been on several one man DXpeditions during the years, and has operated as S21YD 3 times, 9X0PY 3 times and one time as 5H3CJ.
You will always find him in the big 160m CW contests like CQ WW 160 and ARRL 160.